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Each skull comes with real, beautiful horns which are shipped detached, so they don't damage the skull. Furthermore, it comes with barbwire on the back so it can easily be wall-mounted.

Balinese artists handcrafted a one of a kind design on this Carved Buffalo skull for 2-3 days. With Celtic patterns and a lotus flower as its centerpiece, the carved skull gives off both a feminine and mystic vibe coming from a tenacious piece.

Our skull carvings are made from ethically acquired and cruelty-free animal skulls handcrafted by Master Carvers upholding the iconic Balinese tradition - to let nothing go to waste. They create artworks from the leftovers of - in their eyes - highly appreciated animals.

You may decorate this Carved Animal Skull as a wall mount using the barbed wire we attached at the back or you may place it on a stand so guests could roam around and appreciate its complete view.


  • Height (without horns) – 20″ / 51 cm
  • Height (including horns)  – 31.5″ / 80 cm (size may vary due to the curvature of the horns)
  • Width (without horns) – 8″ / 20 cm


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  • Our skull carvings are made from ethically acquired and cruelty-free animal skulls.
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